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Paths To Recovery – Mental Health Discussion and Q and A session with Dr Terry Lynch, Brian McNulty and Dr Mike Watts: Monday 5th October 2015 at Limerick Institute of Technology Campus


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E-cigarettes: the need for clear communication on relative risks – The Lancet

Source: E-cigarettes: the need for clear communication on relative risks – The Lancet

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A Political Satire Sketch That Does NOT Feature Allegations About Pigs, Boris, or Prime Ministerial Excess: Part 1



  • “I don’t know which I hate more!” snapped Count Paul Von Dacre as he flounced from his dressing room, the macabre lights behind him seeming to make him appear even more other worldly than his deathly pallour and black velvet cloak. “Sunlight, or these blasted policy committees!” He stamped across the polished floor and dumped himself cermoniously into his high backed chair, trying his best to unfurl his long cloak from underneath him in the most authoritative way possible. “Let’s get on with this thing! I have a crisis meeting with the editor of the Daily Express! It’s our turn to run a story about Princess Diana, but that selfish bastard won’t back down and tell everyone they’re going to freeze to death again instead!” An identical chair at the end of the row turned around slowly. The inhabitant had been silently studying the vista on the otherside of…
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    Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society

    Source: Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society

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    Cruse and Samaritans join forces to help people bereaved by suicide

    Source: Cruse and Samaritans join forces to help people bereaved by suicide

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    Breakthrough in fighting liver disease = Press Release from University of Brighton 2 September 2015

    Press Release
    University of Brighton
    2 September 2015

    Breakthrough in fighting liver disease
    The University of Brighton is sharing in a €5.9m EU grant to support the development of a new treatment for chronic liver disease as part of a European consortium led by University College London.
    Cirrhosis of the liver affects 29 million Europeans, claims 170,000 lives every year and costs the EU almost €16bn.There are several causes of liver disease but the increasing incidence of obesity and excessive alcohol consumption is causing a rapid rise in the number of cases seen across Europe.
    Changes in the bacteria that populate the gut in patients with liver disease make the condition worse and leads to a range of additional health complications. Current treatments include the use of antibiotics to kill the gut bacteria but the long-term use of these drugs can result in antibiotic resistance and can be very costly.
    The University of Brighton’s School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences will receive £189,751 of the grant for laboratory work to assist with trials of a new and safe nanoporous carbon that acts in the gut to reduce the entrance of bacterial products into the blood which exacerbate liver injury.
    The school’s Dr Susan Sandeman said: “In cirrhosis, current therapy to prevent recurrent complications of advanced cirrhosis is to use poorly-absorbed antibiotics. But long-term antibiotic therapy has problems associated with bacterial resistance and this can prove costly.
    “We will be part of a consortium investigating the safety and efficacy of this novel nanoporous carbon in patients with liver disease and developing an innovative and cost-effective strategy for disease management.”
    The EU research project, called CARBALIVE, has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 634579.
    For further information on the University of Brighton’s research into biomaterials and medical devices, go to: https://www.brighton.ac.uk/lhp-research-groups/pharmacy-health-and-biomolecular-sciences/biomaterials/index.aspx

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    Risk of depression and self-harm in teenagers identifying with goth subculture: a longitudinal cohort study – The Lancet Psychiatry

    Source: Risk of depression and self-harm in teenagers identifying with goth subculture: a longitudinal cohort study – The Lancet Psychiatry

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    Alcohol use disorders – The Lancet

    Source: Alcohol use disorders – The Lancet

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