Far be it from me –

Total Isolation

recovery network: Toronto

48 hrs of total isolation

volunteeers begin to hallucinate –

48 hours are up

volunteers emerge from the bunker

former inmate on his isolation on death row

From BBC:
For the first time in 40 years Horizon re-creates a controversial sensory deprivation experiment. Six ordinary people are taken to a nuclear bunker and left alone for 48 hours. Three subjects are left alone in dark, sound-proofed rooms, while the other three are given goggles and foam cuffs, while white noise is piped into their ears.

The original experiments carried out in the 1950s and 60s by leading psychologist Prof Donald Hebb, was thought by many in the North American political and scientific establishment to be too cruel and were discontinued.

Prof Ian Robbins, head of trauma psychology at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, has been treating some of the British Guantanamo detainees and the victims of torture who come to the…

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Tory MP Mike Freer Reported to Standards Commissioner

Tory MP Mike Freer Reported to Standards Commissioner.

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How isolation warps the mind

recovery network: Toronto

How extreme isolation warps the mind

Michael Bond
Health Science & Environment Biology Brain Human body Neuroscience
(Getty Images)

When people are isolated from human contact, their mind can do some truly bizarre things, says Michael Bond. Why does this happen?
How to combat the loneliness of space travel
How to combat loneliness in space
Can we ever hibernate humans?
Inside the minds of the ‘dead’
How a movie changed one man’s vision
Awoken from a 2D world
Cold front
The loneliest job in the world
Loneliness rising among elderly
A poll of 2,000 over-65s found 10% described themselves as often or always lonely
Sarah Shourd’s mind began to slip after about two months into her incarceration. She heard phantom footsteps and flashing lights, and spent most of her day crouched on all fours, listening through a gap in the door.

That summer…

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Psychiatric labels don’t make sense anymore

Psychiatric labels don't make sense anymore.

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Does schizophrenia begin in the womb? Stem cell study says yes – Medical News Today

Does schizophrenia begin in the womb? Stem cell study says yes – Medical News Today.

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Listening to children – a role for mental health professionals

Listening to children – a role for mental health professionals.

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An ex Civil Servant’s Take on Owen Jones’ “The north-south divide is a myth – and a distraction!”

An ex Civil Servant's Take on Owen Jones' “The north-south divide is a myth – and a distraction!".

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Is mental illness real?

Everything Matters

flowerThere is often a debate that goes on between those who embrace psychiatry and those who are critical of it…and everyone in-between for that matter too…as to whether or not mental illness is real.  The spectrum of where one stands on the issue of psychiatry is really very broad and diverse though people like to believe it’s always an either/or proposition. Little in life is that black and white even if it’s easier to imagine it to be the case.

So. Mental illness. Is it real?

As I suggested above the answer is not a simple yes or no.

The issue I have with calling these phenomena illnesses is that it implies that there is a distinct  pathology at root of all these categories called psychiatric diagnosis. That’s clearly not true. If one pays attention to each individual, it’s become clear to me, both as a mental health professional and…

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Tight budgets, poor diets, judgemental callers

Tight budgets, poor diets, judgemental callers.

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National Paranoia Network 10th Anniversary Conference

National Paranoia Network 10th Anniversary Conference

Saturday 7th June Manchester

contact peterbullimore@yahoo.co.uk

The Reality and Impact of Paranoia: The Ten Year Anniversary

Modern living and lifestyles in the 21st century have ensured that paranoia has become established as a common phenomenon. It has become far more common than medical explanations alone can explain especially when CCTV cameras, media coverage and perceived threats can contribute towards fears that can lead to paranoia. One in four of us frequently have paranoid thoughts and these can escalate causing mental health distress.
This event is intended to be a stimulating and thought provoking ten-year anniversary conference to examine Paranoia.
Peter Bullimore and Professor John Read will lead the event alongside several international renowned speakers and people with lived experience of extreme paranoia. All of these are keen to share their knowledge and expertise on paranoia.
It promises to be a celebration of knowledge and ideas and a festival of explanations to demystify paranoia (Speakers include Dr Rufus May, Shaun Hunt & Dr Dave Harper + more)

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