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Safety Analysis Weighs Harms and Benefits of Antipsychotic Drugs

The researchers find that the drug effects for reducing psychosis are small and that treatment failure and severe side effects are common

Source: Safety Analysis Weighs Harms and Benefits of Antipsychotic Drugs

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My baby psychosis and me and its Mind Media Award


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The Scottish parliament may have the legal right to block Article 50 entirely

Not many people are familiar with section 2 of the Scotland Act of 2016, but it could give First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her government in Edinburgh the legal power to block the UK from triggering Article 50. Conservative MP Anna Soubry — in a wonderfully honest interview in The Guardian yesterday — mentioned it in passing:

Source: The Scottish parliament may have the legal right to block Article 50 entirely

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The 1% plotting to halt Brexit & bring back Tony Blair, leaked memo suggests

Blairite millionaires, politicians and media tycoons are reportedly plotting to stop Brexit in its tracks, a leaked memo suggests. Virgin Group chief Sir Richard Branson is apparently bankrolling the scheme.

Source: The 1% plotting to halt Brexit & bring back Tony Blair, leaked memo suggests

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Hundreds of patients forced to have ECT in Victoria without legal representation


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Thinking About Therapy


I was twenty two before I really experienced grief. Growing up in the west of Ireland I was familiar with the rituals surrounding death. I had been to many funerals of neighbours or elderly relatives and had no problem with the Irish tradition of viewing a dead body in a funeral parlour. However, like most twenty two year olds I felt invincible and never gave a second’s thought to my own mortality. So when my friend died suddenly and unexpectedly it took the ground from under me. My friend was one of 31 people who were killed in a fire in King’s Cross train station in London in November 1987. It took us three days to formally establish that she was one of the victims when we identified her by the remains of her jewellery. The fact that we were thrust into the spotlight in a huge news story added…

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Blog by Peter Kinderman – No more “us and them” please


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The one scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House


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Talking Cure

Source: Talking Cure

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Studying Medicine With Dyslexia – A Collaborative Autoethnography


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