Far be it from me –

Wildlife presenter Chris Packham tells of struggle with depression


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Many children in care denied mental health treatment, says report


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Government rejects service user plea for investigation into care act breaches


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Ukip Council Leader failed to pay tax to his own local authority


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Man with schizophrenia to receive Electro Convulsive Therapy, orders court


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EU Referendum: Iain Duncan Smith claims David Cameron begged Barack Obama to help him “bully Britain” over Brexit


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The Guardian view on cannabis and psychosis..how do we protect teenagers?


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We need to find a way to talk about psychosis the way we talk about depression


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Mental Health Services turn away 23% of under 18s referred to them


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MP wants alcohol duty cut rather than help disabled

UKI Left

(Note: Pre Budget article)

Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing & Shoreham (West Sussex) yesterday wrote an article on the website ‘Conservative Home’ where he pleads with George Osborne to lower the duty on Wine & Spirits at the next budget by 2% because “Who doesn’t deserve to enjoy a responsible glass of wine at the end of a hard week?”

He claims that 600k jobs are dependent on the wine industry and that a cut to the duty would see the industry boosted and jobs secured and more money put into the hands of the producers. It’s said that in every £5 spent on a bottle of wine just 47p goes into the hands of the producers.

Mr Loughton goes onto say “Consumers deserve less tax, We are the party of working people”. Well this move may result in less tax but that wont result in less money coming…

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