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Tony Benn is turning in his grave over the treachery of his son

No Time to Think

BennsIN an act of Machiavellian treachery rarely seen at the top of the Labour Party, Hilary Benn has been acting in a sinister leadership coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn.

It emerged just four hours ago that Mr Benn, the shadow Foreign Secretary, called fellow members of the shadow cabinet during Friday and Saturday suggesting he will ask Corbyn to stand down if there is significant support for a move against the leader.

He also asked shadow cabinet colleagues to join him in resigning if the Labour leader ignores that request.

But in an uncharacteristic move, Jeremy Corbyn acted swiftly to stop Mr Benn’s attempts and immediately sacked him as Foreign Secretary.

Mr Corbyn informed Benn, the son of his former mentor, Tony Benn, at 1am on Sunday that he was sacking him because he had lost the Labour leader’s trust, a spokesman for the party leader said.

The spokesman said…

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Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors


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The Brexit debate is far from over: there will have to be a further vote

Britain has voted for Brexit. What comes next is remarkably unclear. James Strong argues that four questions remain: whether to invoke Article 50, what mandate the Leave campaign possesses, what so…

Source: The Brexit debate is far from over: there will have to be a further vote

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Government should spend more on fighting child abuse says Christian campaigner after NSPCC figures


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Food for thought or contemplation

Everything Matters

I’m mostly not blogging anymore, it’s true, but I do still jot down thoughts from time to time. I’m sharing a bunch of those thoughts from the last couple of months. I’ve included links in some of them where you might find more similar thoughts explored and collected here on the website. They are a loose sort of documentation of my process as it continues. Be well. Remember, healing is not a linear process! Love to you all.

In the news: human beings discriminate and oppress other human beings.

In another story they also rape and pillage the land and abuse animals.

Narrative is the glue of attachment. Drop the story. Feel the pain.

Why are you so unhappy?
Because 99 percent of what you think,
And everything you do,
Is for your self,
And there isn’t one
— Wei Wu Wei

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Middlesex University Mental Health Seminar



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First of its kind: The Center for Spiritual Emergence, Asheville, NC

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Victory for kids in crisis: New Mental Health Unit


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2016 World Hearing Voices Congress in Paris – 19-22 October

Information on the 2016 World Hearing Voices Congress in Paris (19-22 October) and a call for contributions

World Hearing Voices Congress Update

We’re excited to announce that registrations for the World Hearing Voices Congress events in Paris (between 19 and 22 October) is now open. It is being hosted by REV France – the French Hearing Voices Network. You can register and pay online at: http://paris2016.revfrance.org/register.

The congress itself will take place on the 20 & 21 October. You are also welcome to register for a range of events that run before and after this. These include: the Intervoice Day on the 19 October, a free public evening event on the 19 October and a free public forum on the 22 October.

The congress itself will consist of solely of workshops. If you would like to contribute a workshop you need to submit your proposal by 10 June. See: http://paris2016.revfrance.org/submit-a-workshop.

For those unable to attend in person, we are currently looking at ways of connecting with friends across the world during the congress. We will be in touch when we have more details on this.

To find out more, see www.paris2016.revfrance.org or e-mailparis2016@revfrance.org

A note from the Intervoice Board:
We are currently updating our website and creating a new newsletter. If you have any articles, information or updates you would like to share – please e-mail us atinfo@intervoiceonline.org. This could include experiences of attending/facilitating hearing voices groups, initiatives, personal experiences and other information or resources you would like to share.

Additionally, Paul Baker is currently putting together an exhibition of the Hearing Voices Movement and needs your help. See: http://hearingthevoice.org/2016/05/26/communities-collectives-a-request-from-paul-baker/

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