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Imprinted brain theory links autism and schizophrenia › News in Science (ABC Science)

Imprinted brain theory links autism and schizophrenia › News in Science (ABC Science).

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Ewan Morrison – YES: Why I Joined Yes and Why I Changed to No


 Ewan Morrison is an award-winning Scottish author and screenwriter.

how one word silencedFour months ago I joined the Yes camp out of a desire to take part in the great debate that the Yes camp told me was taking place within their ranks. Being a doubter I thought maybe I’d failed to find this debate and that it was exclusive to the membership of the Yes camp, so I joined hoping I could locate it and take part. But even as I was accepted into the ranks – after my ‘Morrison votes Yes’ article in Bella Caledonia, I noted that 5 out of the meagre 20 comments I received berated me for either not having decided sooner or for having questioned Yes at all. Another said, and I paraphrase: ‘Well if he’s had to mull it over he could easily switch to the other side.’ That comment in Bella Caledonia worked away…

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Plain Jane 050914: Of course Nigel Farage won the hustings, he’ll win the election too

Jane Wenham-Jones

Plain Jane 050914

Of course Nigel Farage was selected as our UKIP candidate for South Thanet. He was always going to be and I am surprised that those “campaigning against” this inevitability, wanted to give him all the extra publicity. Mr Farage and his cronies must have been rubbing their hands with glee – who needs a campaign manager when you’ve got “Thanet Stand Up to UKIP” plastering your name all over the papers. I firmly predict he will get in too. The Greens and Lib Dems don’t have a hope in hell (and with Ian Driver batting for the former, let us be thankful for small mercies), the Conservative is ex UKIP so what’s the difference (Laura Sandys might just have given NF a run for his money), and Will Scobie is probably a very nice chap but looks as if he should be in school uniform. (Ageism cuts both ways). But…

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MPs will get 10% payrise says Commons watchdog as salaries have “fallen behind”


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Britain has largest drop in wages in EU since David Cameron was elected


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