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Call For Papers – Our Encounters With Self Harm

Call for Papers – Our Encounters with Self Harm
Charley Baker BA MA, Francis C Biley RN PhD, Clare Shaw BA MA

CONTACT: charlotte.l.baker@nottingham.ac.uk

This book will form part of a series with PCCS books. The first of these books, ‘Our
Encounters with Madness‘, has received excellent reviews. Fran Biley is now working on
‘Our Encounters with Suicide‘. Both of these are collections of individuals’ own
testimonies and narratives – about the care they have received, about what works and
what doesn’t, about their life events and histories, and about how individuals
conceptualise issues which are commonly only referred to as ‘pathological’ or as a sign of
‘mental illness’. We have been contracted to develop a third book in this series, ‘Our
Encounters with Self Harm’.

Such a book is desperately needed for clinicians and students working with individuals
who self harm, across the spectrum of healthcare services, and will be invaluable not
only to individuals who may have direct personal experience of self-harm but also to
their families, carers and friends. Because of prevailing negative attitudes across a
spectrum of services, students and practitioners are alienated from self harm, treating it
as though it is a personal affront at times and at best with coldness.
A collection like this will, we hope, bridge the gap between professional and personal
knowledge and understanding. Self harm is often portrayed in clinical books and the
media as difficult to manage, involving high risk situations, as being carried out by
individuals who are manipulative or attention seeking, and as being particularly draining
on staff emotional and practical resources in healthcare settings. We do NOT believe this
to be the case, and such attitudes distract from the reality of human distress, suffering
and, crucially, survival which individuals who have or do harm themselves report.
In contrast to such negative mainstream approaches, this book will consist of a wide
selection of autobiographical stories, narratives, poetry and vignettes of varying length
and styles (rather than realist scientific or quasi-scientific accounts) illustrating the rich,
contextual lived experience of negotiating, struggling and surviving self harm.
We invite contributions from anyone who has experienced self harm, whether personally,
professionally or as a family member or friend. Contributions can be published under an
assumed or pseudonym and contact to Charley Baker will only be shared with the other
two editors, Francis Biley and Clare Shaw. In keeping with media guidelines on
publishing related to suicide, we amend these to consider the need to avoid
sensationalizing or glamorizing self harm; potentially avoiding specific details about
method (whenever relevant or triggering); we understand the importance of role
models; will take this opportunity to educate the public about myths and realities of self
harm; and provide information about help/support available for those who may request
it; we will consider the aftermath of self harm and the potential vulnerability of
contributors (after Pirkis et al (2006) Media guidelines on reporting suicide. Crisis, 27,
82-87). You may wish to contribute under one or some of the headings below:

– Strength and Survival
– Coping
– Recovery
– Harm Reduction Approaches
– Care and Treatment
– Significant others and their role
Educating others about self harm
– The Tricky Issue of Personality and its ‘Disorders’
Best Practice – the future of care
Submissions may take any creative form, such as poetry, biography, stories or short
works of fiction. They should be presented double-spaced, using ariel font size 12, with
wide margins and would be typically 500-3000 words, although there is no hard and fast
rule about word count. The submission should start with a title and your name (or
pseudonym if you would prefer) and email contact (that will not be included in the final
text). The main body of the text should be followed a short section on the lessons to be
learnt from your experience (what was good, or could have been better etc) and by a
short biography of 1-200 words. If you would like to discuss a potential contribution prior
to submission, please contact Charley Baker (email as above).

The deadline for submissions is 30th September 2012.

Thank you and kind regards
Charley, Fran and Clare


I feel Angry

I feel Angry.


Jane Wenham-Jones

Room, indeed, for two little ones – or even two quite big ones (bedroom sizes generous).

Due to a cancellation, there are now a couple of places available at the fabulous Chez Castillon, where I am teaching “Is there a book in you?” in October. And I can’t tell you how lovely it is! (The place, not necessarily the tome lurking within, but we can work on that). Full details here.

The food is fab, the wine flows, the sun shines and I’ll be there (see footnote)… What’s not to like?

My entirely impartial verdict:

˜˜˜˜˜˜Worth selling your body or breaking  the piggy bank for. 

footnote 1  and the lovely Katie Fforde will be there too. Your chance to share a dinner table  with a mega-selling novelist. We might even persuade her to sing. See here.

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My Justice ~~ Patricia A McKnight

Patricia “Tricia” McKnight is a survivor of her own true horror story and lived that pattern of programmed family violence. She is now an Author/Advocate/Survivor, searching for a way to help her children and grandchildren heal and move forward to be healthy functioning adults; breaking the cycle of trained acceptance of family violence and dysfunction.

She is well aware of how severe this violence can be and what detrimental effects it leaves on our children. In the attached video you will hear Tricia beg for the help of Dr. Phil as she believes this is her last hope of helping her family to heal and move forward.

“There is nothing a loving mother won’t do for her children. This is my plea for Dr. Phil to help me break the cycle of dysfunction that has broken the bond of my family.”


Tricia has been using her voice, her story, wherever…

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Call For Contributions – New Mental Health Text Book On Suicide


I’m co-editing a new mental health text book Our Encounters With Suicide to be published in 2013 by PCCS Books.

The proceeds will go to charity.

I am looking for contributions from those who have attempted suicide,  or been affected by the attempted suicide, or suicide of a loved one.

I need up to 3,000 words with an optional  100/200 word biography which can include an email address and I need these contributions by the end of September 2012


If you are interested in contributing to this book or would like to discuss  please contact me at judithhaire@sky.com


Thank you




Food and Behaviour Research (FAB Research)


Food and Behaviour Research (FAB Research)
FAB Research is a charitable organisation dedicated both to advancing scientific research into the links between nutrition and human behaviour and to making the findings from such research available to the widest possible audience.


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One In Four Magazine, By the People, Four The People! #mhuk #ukmh #mentalhealth from @MarkOneinFour

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via One In Four Magazine, By the People, Four The People! #mhuk #ukmh #mentalhealth from @MarkOneinFour.

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Were You Into Music Whilst A Student At The University of Sheffield?


Were you into music whilst a student at The University of Sheffield?

Do you have any memories or photos you would like to share for an exhibition?

Do It Thissen is an exhibition of record sleeves, photographs and fanzines from the Sheffield and South Yorkshire music scene 1978–1982. We’re preparing the material now and we need your help! The exhibition is taking place in late September and is part of the University of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind.

We’ve got records from all the local bands, Cabaret Voltaire, Human League, Clock DVA, Vice Versa and many others. We’re focusing on post-punk and emphasising links between students and the city. Do It Thissen is, of course, ‘do it yourself’ in Yorkshire English.

What we’re looking for is your photos and memories of that time, especially if you were into music or even better, were in a band. We’ve set up a Facebook group to share photos and recollections. The curators would love to use anything at all. They can be of anything, you and your friends, bands, Sheffield, the Union, whatever you recollect. Upload it here and we’ll put it in the exhibition: http://www.facebook.com/DoItThissen

If you’re not on Facebook, then you could email Dr. Matt Cheeseman, one of the curators at matt.cheeseman@sheffield.ac.uk. He’ll upload it to Facebook for you.

Do come along, we’d love to see you. It’s being held in Montgomery Hall on Surrey Street in Sheffield, opposite the Town Hall from Sunday 23rd–Sunday 30th September. The exhibition will also feature work from contemporary artists, who have been asked to respond to the material: Tim Allcard, Couk, Lesley Guy, and Sid & Mallory. The opening, on Saturday 22nd, will feature a talk by Martin Lacey, editor of NMX fanzine (and DJ at the Union’s Now Society) as well as a DJ performance by Jon Downing, one of the exhibition’s curators. There will be all day DJing on Sunday September 23rd, and a record deck on hand during the week. There will also be a showing of Eve Wood’s film, ‘Made In Sheffield’ and other performances planned for the 29th and 30th September.

It’s part of the Festival of the Mind, a collaboration between the City and the University of Sheffield which showcases its cultural strengths. The Festival runs from 20–30 September 2012. For more information please go to http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/festivalofthemind and follow us on Twitter – https://en.twitter.com/FestivalMind

Best wishes,


Matt Cheeseman
Research Fellow

School of English
University of Sheffield
Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
Sheffield S3 7RA


Times Higher Education University of the Year

Do It Thissen is curated by Dr. Matthew Cheeseman and Jon Downing. Jon is a DJ, record collector and archivist. Born in Rotherham, he was in London for punk, and moved back to Sheffield in 1978. The exhibited material is drawn from his collection. He will be DJing throughout the opening weekend. Matthew is a Research Fellow in the School of English at the University of Sheffield. His interests are themed around youth, pleasure, Higher Education, music, intoxication and media. He was the Theorist in Residence for the Sheffield Publicity Department’s Sheffield Music City book, which will be for sale at the exhibition. His work, including an essay written about Do It Thissen can be read on his blog – http://www.einekleine.com/.


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