Far be it from me –

… here comes that Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown… the Leibster Award nomination… Again (a-hem!) … #TBSU…

… here comes that Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown… the Leibster Award nomination… Again (a-hem!) … #TBSU….

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Good Enough Psychiatry – 2 July 2013, London

Posted on March 27, 2013 by Rai

What makes psychiatrists effective for people who experience psychosis?

A joint one day conference for psychiatrists, for people who are treated by psychiatrists and for people who work with them or commission their services – hosted by ISPS UK and RCPsych Medical Psychotherapy Faculty.

Speakers and chair: Kevin Healy, Jen Kilyon, David Kingdon, Rose McCabe, Brian Martindale, Carine Minne, John Read, Elisabeth Svanholmer

Topics: What makes a good psychiatrist?; Experiencing psychiatric care; Ways of talking about psychotic experience; Cognitive therapy for psychosis or just clinical practice; Psychotherapeutic aspects of routine psychiatric encounters; Continuity in discontinuous worlds

Summary: Psychiatrists affect people with psychosis not just through the treatments they prescribe, but through their everyday interactions with patients and colleagues, and through the ways in which they understand and discuss psychosis and its causes. The ‘good enough’ mother described by psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott was ordinary, imperfect and busy – and also able to support her child to reach their fullest potential.

This conference will explore what it may mean to be ‘good enough’ as a psychiatrist.


ISPS UK members: £115

Non-members: £145


Unwaged service users and family: £40 (Please contact the office for availability of £40 places before paying on line)

Please also enquire about free places

Download: Good Enough Psychiatry Poster | Programme and Application Form


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Plain Jane in the Isle of Thanet Gazette from Friday 21st June

Plain Jane in the Isle of Thanet Gazette from Friday 21st June.

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The Unfortunate Truth Surrounding the Palestinian Hunger Strikes

What's left of the Left?

(Article originally published by Dissident Voice on 18/07/20120)

In May, 2000 plus Palestinian prisoners ended possibly the largest hunger strike in history. It was a strike with dual purpose: raising awareness and halting the practice of administrative detention — the jailing of Palestinians with no trial and for no given reason — as well as obtaining basic human rights for detained prisoners. Just last week, Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak, who spent 3 months on hunger strike, ended his hunger strike and was released from prison.

Both strikes and others between have ended through deals which have resulted in some awareness of administrative detention, but no halt to it, and some, though limited concessions in regards to prisoner rights. There have been calls by some prisoners to begin a mass strike again.

Through the strike last month the hunger striker aimed to reclaim lost dignity and his own fate. For…

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Grooming – How Do Sexual Predators Get Into Our Lives?

Together We Heal

After posting my story of childhood sexual abuse, I was asked an important question by a concerned parent. How did this monster get into your life?

The answer is both simple and complex. The easy part is that they don’t have the appearance of a monster. They don’t look like some James Bond or Cartoon character villain, with beady eyes, horns coming out of their heads, or a big neon sign saying, “STAY AWAY, PEDOPHILE HERE!” Sadly, they almost always look like everyone one else. The gentle minister, the encouraging coach, the neighbor always willing to lend a hand or the family member who seems to be there just when you need them.

And this is where the complexity comes in. How do you distinguish genuine care from pure evil? While there are no set in stone answers, there are some clues to look for and ways to evaluate what…

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The Five Reasons YOU Should Invest More Time Into Your Blog

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#Atos and #Schizophrenia – a real story of #wca #ukmh

#Atos and #Schizophrenia – a real story of #wca #ukmh.

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DWP Press Office Play Fast And Loose With Official Statistics Again

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Welcoming Jacqui Dillon to Durham University

Welcoming Jacqui Dillon to Durham University.

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#Prison wing at HMP #Lindholme ‘worst seen for years’ #mentalhealth #selfharm #bullying

#Prison wing at HMP #Lindholme ‘worst seen for years’ #mentalhealth #selfharm #bullying.

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