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BBC fails to report on biggest animal rights march in recent history


On Bank Holiday Monday, thousands of compassionate people descended upon the streets of London to voice their support for the ban on fox hunting, deer hunting, and hare coursing. The ‘Make Hunting History March’ followed Theresa May’s public announcement that the Conservative Party intends to hold  free vote on repeal of the Hunting Act. The organisers of the event estimated that there were several thousand people in attendance marching from Cavendish Square to outside Downing Street, with members of the public joining at various points of the route.

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Despite national media coverage from The Mirror, The Evening Standard, The Independent, The Metro, ITV London News and the Daily Record amongst others, it appears the BBC chose to ignore the event, despite filming just minutes up the road for the London 10,000 race.

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Knowing our own minds: the role and value of experiential knowledge in mental health research – City Research Online

Source: Knowing our own minds: the role and value of experiential knowledge in mental health research – City Research Online

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Theresa May’s authority slips as she bores Britain with empty answers – Owen Jones


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May to police: “stop scaremongering, we’re safer than ever” #GE17 (video)


As the backlash builds against Theresa May for her attempts to ride Monday night’s tragedy for political gain when she is responsible for the ‘dangerous’ weakening of our police and emergency resources, yet more damaging footage is emerging to show the wilful arrogance with which she, as Home Secretary, rode roughshod over the warnings and protests of the police about the likely consequences of her policies.

May spoke to the Police Federation – the nearest that police are allowed to a union – as Home Secretary in 2015. Her tone can most kindly be described as condescending as she lectured them and accused them of ‘scaremongering’.

And told them that the UK, in spite of her cuts – which she vowed to continue – was,

Safer than it has ever been.

May’s hubris caused her not only to ignore but to ridicule the warnings of experienced police officers.


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Dr Peter Kinderman – New Podcast Is It Really Mental Illness



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The Worsley Centre – What can the UK Government do to cultivate good mental health


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Making a mockery of BBC journalism

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The BBC used to be known as Auntie. Now you might as well call the corporation’s news output a non-stop Tory election broadcast.

Anyone who has watched the BBC News during the election campaign can see for themselves how “Auntie” now interprets her statutory requirement of impartiality.

I usually write from my perspective as a therapist, but today I am putting on my journalist’s hat.

I have worked for 40 years in the regional and national press. I have held senior positions on a Labour-supporting paper, a Tory-supporting paper and the impartial national news agency.

So I know what impartiality looks like – and it doesn’t look like BBC News.

I’m pretty sure there was a time when the BBC would turn up at an election event and simply report what happened.

Now it seems to be a requirement that political staff give their “analysis” of what they have seen (or would…

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Scientists link gut bacteria to anxiety disorders



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Roger Casale resigns from the British Labour Party

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The Silencing of SUI

the main offender

There seems to be a growing number of clinicians using social media to reach out and share their knowledge with the wider world; or are they? What I have come to realise is that the internet, Twitter in particular is full of passive-aggressive charlatans claiming to be the truth, the way and the life of their particular area of ‘expertise’. However, when challenged, rather than substantiate their claims and show their skill, they flounder and run away (after claiming I’ve insulted them… I hadn’t).

What I have noticed is that my experience, my skill and knowledge is incomparable to those who are considered ‘qualified’. It doesn’t matter I’m coming towards the end of my degree, have been delivering specialised training for 4 years nationally, have provided consultancy and developed training for organisations or that I work in services; I am nothing but a mere service-user and not even that experience…

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