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The Worsley Centre – What can the UK Government do to cultivate good mental health


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Making a mockery of BBC journalism

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The BBC used to be known as Auntie. Now you might as well call the corporation’s news output a non-stop Tory election broadcast.

Anyone who has watched the BBC News during the election campaign can see for themselves how “Auntie” now interprets her statutory requirement of impartiality.

I usually write from my perspective as a therapist, but today I am putting on my journalist’s hat.

I have worked for 40 years in the regional and national press. I have held senior positions on a Labour-supporting paper, a Tory-supporting paper and the impartial national news agency.

So I know what impartiality looks like – and it doesn’t look like BBC News.

I’m pretty sure there was a time when the BBC would turn up at an election event and simply report what happened.

Now it seems to be a requirement that political staff give their “analysis” of what they have seen (or would…

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Scientists link gut bacteria to anxiety disorders



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Roger Casale resigns from the British Labour Party

Europa United

Former Labour MP, Roger Casale, has announced that he has resigned from the Labour Party in order to stand for Parliament in the district of Vauxhall and to attempt to prevent incumbent Labour MP, Kate Hoey from retaining her seat.

In a statement announced to Europa United this evening, Mr Casale has written to the British Labour Party and formally resigned as a member of the party.

Mr Casale has been an opponent of Mrs Hoey’s candidature for MP since her decision to openly support the Brexit referendum campaign. Mrs Hoey also voted against unilateral guarantees for EU nationals. In the EU referendum, Vauxhall voted 78% remain and has one of the highest proportions of EU nationals living in Britain.


Current Labour MP for Vauxhall, Kate Hoey

Mr Casale will not, however, stand as an independent candidate and will be running for the Yes2Europe party – a pro-EU party established in wake…

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The Silencing of SUI

the main offender

There seems to be a growing number of clinicians using social media to reach out and share their knowledge with the wider world; or are they? What I have come to realise is that the internet, Twitter in particular is full of passive-aggressive charlatans claiming to be the truth, the way and the life of their particular area of ‘expertise’. However, when challenged, rather than substantiate their claims and show their skill, they flounder and run away (after claiming I’ve insulted them… I hadn’t).

What I have noticed is that my experience, my skill and knowledge is incomparable to those who are considered ‘qualified’. It doesn’t matter I’m coming towards the end of my degree, have been delivering specialised training for 4 years nationally, have provided consultancy and developed training for organisations or that I work in services; I am nothing but a mere service-user and not even that experience…

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Making Sense Of Madness – An Emancipatory Approach Friday 7 July 2017




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Samaritans 2017 General Election campaign

Source: Samaritans 2017 General Election campaign

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EFT Course, 25-28 July ’17 | Discursive of Tunbridge Wells

Les Greenberg will be delivering Level one Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) training in England for the first time, offering an exciting opportunity for delegates to learn directly from the primary originator and developer of this psychotherapeutic approach. For a link to the event flyer click here. To book a place click here.

Source: EFT Course, 25-28 July ’17 | Discursive of Tunbridge Wells

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The Moment The Narrative Changed?Lucy Johnstone reviews BBC Horizon´s Why Did I Go Mad?


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Voicing Experience – The 4th British Conference of Autoethnography


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