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Pep Talk For The Weekend – Reasons To Stay Sober

My journey, from wine lover to sober and happy...


The weekend is upon us. It’s when most of the people we know will be drinking alcohol, and it’s when the temptation to join them can become so strong it’s almost impossible to resist. This blog has been written as a pep talk for anyone teetering on the brink of caving in – print it out and stick it on your kitchen cupboard so that you can see it next time you’re considering stepping back onto the slippery slope that is booze…

  • You have the ability to grab life by the balls and start becoming the person you want to be. You have the power to enact change, but only if you do things differently. Every little action or thought that has always led you to drinking in the past needs to be arrested, reconfigured, altered and amended. If meeting your other half in the pub after work means…

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Living With Schizo Affective Disorder


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New Tory MPs see hunting repeal as ‘toxic’ issue that damages party – claim | Western Daily Press

New Tory MPs see hunting repeal as 'toxic' issue that damages party – claim | Western Daily Press.

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Sheffield double amputee awarded £27,000 after failure in care


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Do you have some time to help a PhD student with her research?

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Work For The Lobby – Fox in Parliament

We need researchers and various staff to build teams against hunting ban repeal, read this link http://goo.gl/3FNoqZ
Yesterday David Cameron tried to get you to look away from his true intentions of repealing the hunting ban. By not having repeal mentioned in the Queens speech.
It was a deliberate ploy to reduce the focus on the issue in order to reduce public momentum against the move. Yet it has failed and all it has shown is how underhand Cameron is. He clearly cares little to nothing for democracy as not only not having a legitimate mandate to repeal the ban with the British people he is now looking for further deception.
We strongly suspect he is willing to use an issue that could lead to the breakup of the UK in order to gain repeal. That is the move to make Scottish MPs 2nd class and deny them the ability to vote on English issues. Cameron has a Commons majority as it is but he wants to be far larger and by stopping Scottish MPs voting he would get just that.
This aspect of course is not about animal welfare legislation directly, but it is likely to be the issue that determines the outcome if wildlife will be safe or not. There are however still many what ifs and as it stands. The SNP have still not given a solid response that they will vote to block repeal. They argue they need to see the legislation? Well we all know what will be in the legislation, it will say scrap the ban in full. We see that response as a poor from the SNP and not given the clarity society is looking for. It’s quite simple, if Cameron goes for a repeal vote then all the SNP need to decide is are they for or against it!
So more pressure is needed on the SNP to ensure they put the views forward of Scottish people who are part of the 80% who want the ban to stay. Yet this battle has many sides and sadly Cameron has various options to seek animal cruelty.
So to be ready and to be able to campaign against Cameron in gaining animal cruelty we need to expand on our teams. There is a lot that needs doing and we are small in number. So we need more help to ensure we can shout it loud that wildlife matters more than Camerons view.
Please go to this link and see the roles on offer, we sadly cannot pay wages however. We are a non profit organisation and all those involved in our lobby are volunteers. However we think as you are reading this you know the importance of wildlife and why you would want to help. Do note however we a pro Labour animal lobby, We do expect those who help the lobby to either be members of the party or those who would support Labour winning at the next election.
All campaigns have different angles and strengths. Our strength is with our connections with Labour MPs and parliament. Those links enable us to do far more for wildlife. So do take a look and see what roles are of interest and send us an e mail with your CV. All volunteers determine how much time and energy they can put into the role themselves. Some of the roles do require the ability to get to London for an occasional meeting but we can be flexible.
We do of course need more members, lots more. Membership is £10 a year and can be paid via Pay Pal or cheque. Every penny raised goes back into the lobby for events and in delivering the message. Not as many people join organisations as you may think. That means it can limit what they can do. So do give it a thought. Info via the website.
The battle to save the ban is going to be hard, and we have no clear path to how long before Cameron will make his move. Giving the legislation process if he takes the Scotland route it could be a lot longer than people think. Yet Cameron has time on his side, five long years. So we have to be ready for whatever and whenever his desire for animal cruelty takes hold.
We are however winning the first battle, he would not have been so quiet on the Queens Speech if he had not felt the pressure against repeal already!

Work for Fox in Parliament, help with Research, Events, Fundraising, Merchandise, Membership, Face Book.

Sheffield to get new £271m joint health care budget :: Healthwatch Sheffield

Sheffield to get new £271m joint health care budget :: Healthwatch Sheffield.

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Meet the Artist; Dolly Sen


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EmoVoid » Blog Archive What’s Life Like With Permanent Amnesia? The Effects of ECT

EmoVoid » Blog Archive What's Life Like With Permanent Amnesia? The Effects of ECT.

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Politician abused me regularly, survivor says


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