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Thousands Of Terminally ill Are Denied Benefits

via Thousands Of Terminally ill Are Denied Benefits

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GP: I have never seen so much poverty, homelessness, and mental illness

Govt Newspeak

Letters: ‘I try to stay out of politics but need to highlight Tory hypocrisy’

HEAR ALL SIDES: Letters to the Editor

I HAVE tried to stay out of politics but feel I need to highlight Heather Scott’s and Tory hypocrisy in general.

It’s all very well blaming the Labour council (who may have made mistakes) but let’s look at the root cause of cuts to library services, Sure Start centres, public health budgets, NHS services, school budgets etc.

As a GP in Darlington for 33 years I have never seen so much poverty, homelessness, and mental ill health attributable to DWP stopping payments for severely disabled and even dying patients. Some of my patients have been driven to suicide.

The Tory party continue to drive up national health and wealth inequalities, partly by slashing council budgets in the North but still finding money for Tory councils in the South.

Sadly, Tory ideology, unnecessary austerity and capitalist greed…

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5 ways we are encouraged to blame women and girls for being raped and abused

Dr Jessica Eaton

23 June 2019

Content warning: This article discusses sexual violence against women and girls and the ways they are blamed for being victims of male violence

Having spent 10 years working with women and girls subjected to sexual and domestic violence of all kinds, I have never had a case or a caseload in which the woman or girl was not being blamed for what someone else (usually a man) was doing to her. Sometimes she is blamed by her family, sometimes by her partner. Sometimes she is blamed by police or by social workers. Sometimes it’s the mental health team blaming her.

Victim blaming is the act of transferring the blame from the perpetrator (who is 100% to blame for sexual offences they commit) and moving that blame back to the victim of the sexual offences.

My interest in the psychology of victim blaming really started…

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Residents must not pay for Grenfell-style cladding removal, union says

The cost of removing dangerous flammable must not fall onto building residents, the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has said.

Source: Residents must not pay for Grenfell-style cladding removal, union says

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Mental Health patients detained in hospital wards for up to 21 years


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Mental health patient left with PTSD after 10 day wait for NHS psychiatric bed


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The Royal College Of Death, Disablement And Denial…

GSK : Licence To (K) ill (Documenting GSK And Seroxat)

“….Could our drug-based paradigm of care, for some unforeseen reason, be fueling the increase in disability rates? And in order to investigate that question, you need to look at two things. First, do psychiatric medications alter the long-term course of mental disorders for the better, or for the worse? Do they increase the likelihood that a person will be able to function well over the long-term, or do they increase the likelihood that a person will end up on disability?…”

Robert Whitaker –



Note: Thanks To Aunty Psychiatry for the images https://twitter.com/auntypsychiatry


Twitter is a maelstrom of opinions at the best of times, and most of them are clashing continually like a box of pots and pans hurled…

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Electro Shock Therapy Destroyed My Life


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Mental health first aid in the workplace to be debated in parliament

Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee has announced that a debate on mental health first aid in the workplace will be held on Wednesday 19th December.

Source: Mental health first aid in the workplace to be debated in parliament

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University College London

Hole Ousia

This is the second in a series of posts that seeks to examine British academia’s“strategic partnerships with industry”.

The following slideshow shares some of University College London’sstrategic business partnerships’

The declarations all come from the ABPI voluntary register 'Disclosure UK' and should not be considered to be a complete record. The other slides are examples of "joint working" between UCL and industry.

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