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Constant muscle tightness in complex trauma survivors ‘armoring’ ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am currently reading Pete Walkers book on complex trauma and he describes constant muscle tightness, which I have suffered all my life, as ‘armoring’. I have not heard it described this way by anyone else and it makes perfect sense.

My massage therapist once described my body as being continually ‘braced for something’, which she was correct in describing, and is a symptom of my hypervigilant state, that always assumes subconsciously, that I need to be prepared for trauma. In the case of my body, I always have my ‘armor on’.

It is no doubt why I have always required alcohol to actually relax.

I know my muscles are continually tense and this ongoing wear and tear, causes considerable pain, that worsens in cold weather. It is what I consider to be complex trauma induced fibromyalgia. I think many fibro sufferers who have had prolonged child abuse or prolonged…

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Psychiatric horrors

Dave's Deliberations

This isn’t the kind of book I commonly pick up, but I’m glad I read this one. It’s the autobiographical account of an ordinary Yorkshire teenage girl who, in her struggle with shyness, angst, a dysfunctional family and issues of faith in the 1970s, was admitted to a tdtpsychiatric institution—temporarily, ‘for a rest and observation’. Instead, she remained there for years, partly as a resident and partly as an out-patient. The book is:

The Dark Threads: A Psychiatric Survivor’s Story by Jean Davison (Accent Press, 2012)

She writes well, so that what could have been a dry account of factual happenings becomes, instead, alive with passion, colour and intensity. In fact, it’s a gripping read. It draws you in, just as the system drew the author in. She suffered the horrors of electric shock treatment and a fearful regime of drugs and misunderstanding, all of which served to aggravate her…

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When poverty means living without soap — Govt Newspeak

Introverted but Socially Concerned

Struggling to pay the bills, and with no success in finding a job, Olly says spending was often a choice between food and electricity. “We were on a key meter and constantly running out. We were in the dark,” said the 42-year-old, from Hampshire. “It was really hard on the children. They would normally watch TV […]

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‘Desperate’ people could be put off claiming for benefits by cost of GP letter to prove they can’t work

via ‘Desperate’ people could be put off claiming for benefits by cost of GP letter to prove they can’t work

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Pharma-psychiatry, bipolar disorder, and the IMMDS Review (2 of 3: COI)

via Pharma-psychiatry, bipolar disorder, and the IMMDS Review (2 of 3: COI)

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Thousands Of Terminally ill Are Denied Benefits

via Thousands Of Terminally ill Are Denied Benefits

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GP: I have never seen so much poverty, homelessness, and mental illness

Govt Newspeak

Letters: ‘I try to stay out of politics but need to highlight Tory hypocrisy’

HEAR ALL SIDES: Letters to the Editor

I HAVE tried to stay out of politics but feel I need to highlight Heather Scott’s and Tory hypocrisy in general.

It’s all very well blaming the Labour council (who may have made mistakes) but let’s look at the root cause of cuts to library services, Sure Start centres, public health budgets, NHS services, school budgets etc.

As a GP in Darlington for 33 years I have never seen so much poverty, homelessness, and mental ill health attributable to DWP stopping payments for severely disabled and even dying patients. Some of my patients have been driven to suicide.

The Tory party continue to drive up national health and wealth inequalities, partly by slashing council budgets in the North but still finding money for Tory councils in the South.

Sadly, Tory ideology, unnecessary austerity and capitalist greed…

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5 ways we are encouraged to blame women and girls for being raped and abused

Dr Jessica Eaton

23 June 2019

Content warning: This article discusses sexual violence against women and girls and the ways they are blamed for being victims of male violence

Having spent 10 years working with women and girls subjected to sexual and domestic violence of all kinds, I have never had a case or a caseload in which the woman or girl was not being blamed for what someone else (usually a man) was doing to her. Sometimes she is blamed by her family, sometimes by her partner. Sometimes she is blamed by police or by social workers. Sometimes it’s the mental health team blaming her.

Victim blaming is the act of transferring the blame from the perpetrator (who is 100% to blame for sexual offences they commit) and moving that blame back to the victim of the sexual offences.

My interest in the psychology of victim blaming really started…

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Residents must not pay for Grenfell-style cladding removal, union says

The cost of removing dangerous flammable must not fall onto building residents, the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has said.

Source: Residents must not pay for Grenfell-style cladding removal, union says

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Mental Health patients detained in hospital wards for up to 21 years


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