Far be it from me –

Don’t Mind Me by Judith Haire

Don’t Mind Me by Judith Haire (Chipmunkapublishing) – the story of my dysfunctional childhood and teenage depression, my abusive first marriage and experience of rape and domestic violence.  My terrifying descent into psychosis, my experience of Electro- Convulsive Therapy and my recovery journey.  I wrote this book to help others as well as myself, and to inform mental health professionals and anyone wanting to gain an insight into mental illness.

20 responses to “Don’t Mind Me by Judith Haire

  1. Hi Judith, i was flattered to see you were now following my academic work and thought I would return the compliment! Is your book available to buy? jacx

  2. Hi Judith, I was flattered to see that you are following my academic work on academia.edu and thought I would return the compliment and then I spotted your book, is it available to buy? jacx

  3. neiley101 says:

    I found the book to be a fascinating, revealing and candid account of your descent into psychosis. Harrowing at times, but it strikes a blow at the stigma surrounding mental health.

  4. Peter says:

    Hi Judith. I’m glad I came across your story because I’m about to start my own autobiography based on a very simular abusive life. I have a question about about how long it took to be published and also if you don’t mind me asking how many books did you sell and how much money did your book generate. I have 3 reasons for doing an autobiography, one is for my daughter for when she gets older, the second is because I passionately want to write it especially because I have alot of memories and I want to help other people with my survival. Thirdly is because I want to be successful to prove everyone that it is possible no matter what. Thank you. Hope your well.

    • judithhaire says:

      Hi Peter…wishing you the very best of luck with your autobiography. I wrote my book early in 2008 and it came out in E book in March 2008 and in paperback in October 2008. My publisher is Chipmunka http://www.chipmunkapublishing.co.uk my book is available in all the usual online outlets or can be ordered from any bookshop..if you look on Amazon you will see the sales rankings. For me it’s not about money it’s about helping myself by writing about my experience which was cathartic; and about helping others who wish to gain an insight into mental illness, especially mental health professionals. Thanks for commenting and again, good luck!

  5. selina says:

    I read up about your book and I relate so much. I been there and trying to find the strength to write about my experience. I would like your advice if you have any on how to get started. I had an abusive troubled boyfriend that put me in the hospital and later on came after me and put my son in the hospital. I feel like its time to be open with my family and friends. Especially about the events I couldn’t tell them in person.

    • judithhaire says:

      Thank you for your comments Selina. Think about the effects your writing will have on others – bear that in mind when you write and really you need to ask others before you write about them – just start to write and keep it flowing and then go back and read through and tidy up the process. Wishing you the very best of luck. You will find helpful advice on http://www.chipmunkapublishing.co.uk

  6. So sorry, I should read emails before replying to them! I thought you were talking about something else entirely. Please accept my apologies, Richard B.

  7. Dana says:

    Hi Judith,

    Do you write only real time content or you publish informational too?

    Are you open for guest post, few topics that are available with me are:

    Can Organic Bedding Help In Dealing With Sleeping
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    Let me know what are your thoughts?


    • judithhaire says:

      Hi Dana thank you for your message. I write my own posts and publish posts of interest on topics relating to mental health and politics, generally. If you wish to write a guest post on one of these topics then please feel free to contact me again. Kind regards Judith

  8. Judith….your book inspired me to finish what has turned out to be a longer journey in self reflection as I complete my memoir. I wish so many life experiences were not occurring right now so that I can finish what I started, but the time will come; your account was eye opening, revealing and personal. It has given me courage to keep pursuing my own truth and to continue being brave enough to share my experiences with mental illness in our family. Thanks for you contribution !

  9. coreytoney says:

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  10. Ruben says:

    Thankyou fooг helping out, fantastic info .

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