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How communities can help stop COVID-19 | OUPblog

Source: How communities can help stop COVID-19 | OUPblog

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New obesity strategy is a ‘landmark day for the nation’s health’ and our ambition to beat cancer

The UK Government have launched a new obesity strategy with a raft of measures, including restricting junk food marketing on TV and online.

Source: New obesity strategy is a ‘landmark day for the nation’s health’ and our ambition to beat cancer

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A Disorder for Everyone! – The Online Festival – Friday 18 September 2020 – 09.00 -23.00 BST

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Social needs are a human right | OUPblog

Source: Social needs are a human right | OUPblog

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Back Where I Belonged – Alienation In The Birth Family

Writing a memoir in one’s fifties can be liberating, cathartic and even therapeutic.
But to experience the isolation that emanates from enforced alienation can be as painful as the traumatic events that led one to write the memoir in the first place.
First comes the numbness, and the shock, that the truthful account that is now accessible to anyone who cares to search for it, is actually offensive to certain members of the family you were born into.
Next come acutely painful feelings of rejection, as family members shun and ignore.
Night terrors follow.  Screaming in the night.  Sleep walking.  Aborted, and abortive
therapy.  Nobody understands your truth.  They say it’s all a fantasy or all lies.  
Branded as a fake, there is no where else to hide.  Panic ensues.  Short gasping breaths and horrid flashbacks, smells, sights, sounds, odours, blood, mucus, slime.
The clang of the hospital trolley the alarming pressure of the blood pressure monitor.
The terror cannot be controlled or silenced.  The noise of the silence is deafening in my ears.  They call it tinnitus.  But it’s my brain going into sensory overload.
Then come the tears.  Pouring, dripping, seeping slowly, sprinkling quickly.  The exhaustion of crying is strangely comforting.  
But now, I’ve come back to my true self.   The little girl, shuddering in fear, lower lip trembling.    Fists clenched.  I must not cry.  I must not breathe.   I must not be.
Here I am seven years later.  I finally psyched myself up to make the call to a bereavement counsellor.    I almost needed a stiff drink to make the call, but through dry lips I whispered my grief to a kind lady who promised to post me a leaflet and said a specially trained counsellor will visit me in about three weeks’ time.  
I’m clinging on, hour by hour.   Saliva is returning now as the neuroleptics leave my system.  I’m ready to talk now.  I hope they listen.
© Judith Haire 2015

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Don’t take my voice


I wonder how many people are tired of the Harvey Weinstein stories in the press?  I wonder how many victims of abuse are not tired; who are silently hoping that the tide will rise and the voices of victims will finally be heard, not just in the US but worldwide?  Are we being listened to and really being heard though?  I think not.  You only need to listen to the many victim blaming statements that spill from the mouths of people who have no idea what abuse feels like.  From celebrities and newsreaders on television and in the press.  From the general public who comment ridiculous, ignorant statements under news stories in social media – things that people will never understand unless they have been there.  Social media can be a means for some victims to finally have a voice but it is also a vicious platform for bullying by…

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DID in history: oldest accounts of multiple personality

Trauma and Dissociation

Before 1900

Most written accounts are fairly short, and many attribute behaviors or alter personalities to a form of religious possession, or link mental illness with belief in demons.
However some longer accounts were published by “physicians” and some historians found other accounts.

Many ordinary people couldn’t read and books were expensive rather than today’s mass-produced paperbacks and ebooks about DID.

An incomplete list of some of the historical cases of dissociative identity disorder…

  • 1580s: Jeanne Fery: A sixteenth-century case of dissociative identity disorder – van der Hart, Lierens and Goodwin (1997)


  • 1790 – 1952: Multiple personality before “Eve” – Adam Crabtree (1993), a short summary of the psychology of the times and recognition of DID
  • 1790: a woman from Stuttgart described by Eberhard Gmelin speaks different languages depending on which personality is in control at the time


  • 1802: Three cases described by Dwight who publishes them in…

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Waking After a Lifetime: Ingrid’s Voice

Everything Matters

“At this moment, a thousand valves have opened in my head, and I must let myself flow in a river of words, or I shall choke.” -Fyodor Dostoyevsky

(Edit: And thank you, Monica Cassani, for graciously allowing me to ‘let it out’ here!)

By Ingrid Heiner

This bodymind named Ingrid has so much to say…and what seeks expression is not just for the sake of my own healing, but to serve as a beacon for anyone on a similar path, who needs to know they are not alone. Mine is a path of emerging from profound trauma, adversity, and lack, and of living in the world as highly sensitive, gifted, neurodiverse, and spiritually awakening. We are the people who so often find ourselves in the offices of professional helpers…and I will write for them, too, as it is imperative that those who would presume to walk with us, understand what…

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Drop the Disorder! Challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis 9781910919460

Source: Drop the Disorder! Challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis 9781910919460

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Gleadless Valley Estate, Sheffield: ‘Symbol of an emerging city’

Municipal Dreams

Lewis Womersley, having made his reputation in Northampton, was appointed City Architect for Sheffield City Council in February 1953. Many of you of will know his most celebrated project Park Hill but some say his: (1)

supreme, but often overlooked, achievement … is the Gleadless Valley Estate which combined urban housing types and the natural landscape so effectively that it still looks stunning, especially on a bright winter’s day.

Today, we’ll give that scheme its due.

GV General View ND An early, undated, view of the estate

The context, in this steel city, was firstly the appalling housing conditions created by the rapid urbanisation of the Industrial Revolution. Hitler was to add his own contribution: the Sheffield Blitz in December 1940 killed almost 700 and damaged some 82,000 homes, over half the city’s housing stock. As the city looked to rebuilding, its 1952 Development Plan estimated the need to replace 20,000 unfit homes and…

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