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Mental Health patients detained in hospital wards for up to 21 years


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Mental health patient left with PTSD after 10 day wait for NHS psychiatric bed


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The Royal College Of Death, Disablement And Denial…

GSK : Licence To (K) ill (Documenting GSK And Seroxat)

“….Could our drug-based paradigm of care, for some unforeseen reason, be fueling the increase in disability rates? And in order to investigate that question, you need to look at two things. First, do psychiatric medications alter the long-term course of mental disorders for the better, or for the worse? Do they increase the likelihood that a person will be able to function well over the long-term, or do they increase the likelihood that a person will end up on disability?…”

Robert Whitaker –



Note: Thanks To Aunty Psychiatry for the images https://twitter.com/auntypsychiatry


Twitter is a maelstrom of opinions at the best of times, and most of them are clashing continually like a box of pots and pans hurled…

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Electro Shock Therapy Destroyed My Life


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Mental health first aid in the workplace to be debated in parliament

Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee has announced that a debate on mental health first aid in the workplace will be held on Wednesday 19th December.

Source: Mental health first aid in the workplace to be debated in parliament

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University College London

Hole Ousia

This is the second in a series of posts that seeks to examine British academia’s“strategic partnerships with industry”.

The following slideshow shares some of University College London’sstrategic business partnerships’

The declarations all come from the ABPI voluntary register 'Disclosure UK' and should not be considered to be a complete record. The other slides are examples of "joint working" between UCL and industry.

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Failed PIP assessment, wrongfully forced onto universal credit, now £250 a month worse off. It’s getting worse.

via Failed PIP assessment, wrongfully forced onto universal credit, now £250 a month worse off. It’s getting worse.

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Sixty-year-old man proclaimed fit for work despite having a stroke. The DWP have destroyed me.

via Sixty-year-old man proclaimed fit for work despite having a stroke. The DWP have destroyed me.

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Things I want you to know next time you carry out a mental health assessment

Jeepers McCoy, mental health stuff

Recently I had the dubious pleasure of being the subject of an initial assessment carried out by a consultant psychiatrist from my local community mental health team. This post is not about the details of what happened in that assessment, because you can look up the basics on Google should you wish to do so. What I want to talk about is how it feels to be the subject of such scrutiny and perhaps some things to think about that aren’t covered in the textbooks.

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Silencing the whistleblower: Reactions to the truth in the field of abuse 

Silencing the whistleblower: Reactions to the truth in the field of abuse
By Jessica Eaton

This blog is sometimes a way for me to share my thoughts and experiences. I did it in the ‘whataboutery’ blog that went super-duper-viral and I need to do it in this one.

We need to talk about telling the truth in our field of abuse and violence – and what happens when we tell the truth. I have made the decision to commission work into this area of research through my company, VictimFocus, because the topic quite frankly baffles me and I think any improvement will benefit us all in the long run. We desperately need to understand why we silence whistleblowers after we expressly tell them to tell the truth.
So why do we hate truth tellers so much and who do we seek to silence whistleblowers in our own field?

How can…

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