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Working with “parts” and “sub-personalities” as we come to consciousness and heal

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Below is a thread from social media that I got permission from the participants to post. It’s a response to a post from the other day: The hurt and pained bully and love in which I refer to a “part” in my psyche that I was working with.

Those of us whose nervous system have been destroyed by psych drugs and withdrawal from them often find ourselves simply splayed open. In essence, our unconscious is screaming at us because our nervous systems have been gravely injured. As we begin to heal we find ourselves diving more and more deeply into our psyches by necessity. This is about some of what we find. This is not unique to those of us who’ve come off psych drugs…it’s simply laid bare. All our human psyches are made like this.

My friend Gary Weber often mentions that Virginia Woolf said something like, “There are as many I’s…

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Madlove Catalyst Events

Madlove Catalyst Events

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Senior Ukip members claim party’s MP helped Tories beat Nigel Farage



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My Experience With Samaritans

Jenny in Neverland

For those that don’t know, Samaritans are a free, UK 24 hour service which provide support for those struggling or in distress. There’s a lot of misconceptions about this charity, for example, that you have to be suicidal in order to qualify to ring them. You absolutely do not. They have branches all over the UK with hundreds of volunteers, dedicating time every month to be there at the end of the phone to someone who might need someone to talk to. Samaritans was set up in 1953, has over 200 branches across the UK and Northern Ireland and all the way back in 2011, they had 20,665 volunteers.Samaritans are there, day and night, to anyone who need them. And this year, I was one of those people.

My Experience With Samaritans

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Event – Wellbeing In The Workplace, 13 September 2016


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Thank you Owen Smith, From a Jeremy Corbyn supporter



Dear Mr Smith,

I’m sure you’d agree that 2016 has been a turbulent time for UK politics – indeed I wouldn’t be surprised if my young son were to be writing about it in future exam papers in years to come.
I am one of those pesky newcomers to the Labour Party, I joined because, after years of voting Labour through gritted teeth (my first ever vote was in 1997), I had finally found someone willing to speak up for me, and those like me, in Jeremy Corbyn. Oh Mr Smith, how wonderful it was last year to hear the results come in and feel as if I were part of a great change to politics. The hope! The end to feeling disenfranchised by a party I knew in my heart was supposed to be for people like me but had moved so far to the right it made my…

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8 Ways People Recover From Post Childhood Adversity Syndrome


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‘I knew I was in the right place’ – The Psychologist

Source: ‘I knew I was in the right place’ – The Psychologist

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Olanzapine – Still treading water


Olanzapine: Still Treading Water

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Perspective on alcohol use and cancer risk

A new study makes alcohol seem even more controversial, suggesting that there is sufficient evidence to say that alcohol causes several types of cancer.

Source: Perspective on alcohol use and cancer risk

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