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Ukip reports Have I Got News For You to police over Nigel Farage comments


EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO MERCHANDISING  Mandatory Credit: Photo by ITV/REX Shutterstock (4695986av)  Nigel Farage  'Lorraine' ITV TV Programme, London, Britain. - 22 Apr 2015  NIGEL FARAGE - There are now just 15 days to go until the general election and over the next two weeks we're meeting the four main party leaders. Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg joined us on Monday and today it's the turn of UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage. Kent Police are not taking any action (Picture: ITV/REX Shutterstock)

A Ukip party supporter has reported Have I Got News For You to the police over a comment made about Nigel Farage.

The viewer took issue with Camilla Long’s words in last Friday edition.

The journalist was speaking about visiting the leader’s constituency in Kent when she said: ‘I went there more than Nigel Farage. By the time I arrived there he’d only been a few times.’

Officers reviewed the footage after someone claimed it broke election law by damaging the chances of Farage getting elected.

But Kent Police concluded there was no evidence of any offences.

A force spokesperson said: ‘Kent Police received a complaint regarding comments made on a television broadcast last week.

‘It was suggested that the comments breached the Representation of the People Act.

‘The matter has been reviewed by officers but there’s no evidence of any offences and there…

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Dear Katie Hopkins Stop making life harder for disabed people – Lucy Hawking


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Coming to My Daughter’s Rescue

Coming to My Daughter’s Rescue.

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Purple Rain blog: UKIP Candidate Labels Gurkhas As ‘Parasites’

Purple Rain blog: UKIP Candidate Labels Gurkhas As 'Parasites'.

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UK becomes the first country to face a UN inquiry into disability rights violations

Politics and Insights

994442_352804464870608_5110112617916821526_n (1)

We ought to be very concerned about the government’s declaration that they intend to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, (ECHR)  and to repeal our own Human Rights Act, (HRA). One has to wonder what Cameron’s discomfort with the HRA is. The Act, after all, goes towards protecting the vulnerable from neglect of duty and abuse of power. The rights protected by the HRA are drawn from the 1950 European convention on human rights, which was a way of ensuring that we never again witness the full horrors of the second world war, and overwhelmingly, one of the greatest stains on the conscience of humanity – the Holocaust.

Human Rights establish a simple set of minimum standards of decency for humankind to hold onto for the future. The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms was drafted as a lasting legacy of the struggle against fascism and…

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David Cameron forgot the date of the election, what else has he forgotten?


Prime Minister David Cameron, speaks to workers during a visit to Kelvin Hughes Voltage in Enfield, north London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday April 28, 2015. See PA story ELECTION Main. Photo credit should read: Chris Radburn/PA Wire David Cameron talks to workers at Kelvin Hughes (Picture: Chris Radburn/PA Wire)

Considering it’s the date where the country goes to the polls to decide whether he’ll rule our country again for the next five years, you might have thought that May 7 would be a date tattooed onto the brain of David Cameron.

But apparently not, after the Prime Minister got the date of the election wrong while out on the campaign trail.

Speaking to staff at radar systems company Kelvin Hughes, Mr Cameron said: ‘I have a guarantee if I’m your Prime Minister after the 9th…after the 7th of May. And it’s this. We will finish the job of getting the deficit down’.


But then again, he’s a got a habit of letting his memory slip.

Like on Saturday, when he forgot that he ‘supported’ Aston Villa, and instead declared his allegiance for a…

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George Osborne announces new funding for coastal communities in Ramsgate | Thanet Gazette

George Osborne announces new funding for coastal communities in Ramsgate | Thanet Gazette.

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The Subtle Impact of Drinking Too Much

My journey, from wine lover to sober and happy...

blackand whiteI was never a bottle-of-vodka-at-7am type of boozer. I loved alcohol and, as I transformed from a child to a teenager, I never imagined I wouldn’t become a drinker. And I got started early, aged just thirteen. But I (almost) always managed to restrict my consumption to within the realms of social drinking, regular UK-style binge drinking – ‘fun’ drinking. Of course, there were always the exceptions, and, particularly during the last five years of my boozing life, I occasionally veered into the dark world of lone, secret drinking, and seeking a certain level of self-medication via the wine I was buying increasingly more of.

But the metaphorical wheels never fell off spectacularly. I didn’t lose my job, or invite the attention of the social services due to alcohol-related child neglect. I didn’t even look especially booze ravaged, other than on the odd mornings after very heavy, late night drinking…

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#IDS – “I’ll be better off dead” says blind #disabled claimant

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