Far be it from me –

A Political Satire Sketch That Does NOT Feature Allegations About Pigs, Boris, or Prime Ministerial Excess: Part 1

on September 24, 2015



  • “I don’t know which I hate more!” snapped Count Paul Von Dacre as he flounced from his dressing room, the macabre lights behind him seeming to make him appear even more other worldly than his deathly pallour and black velvet cloak. “Sunlight, or these blasted policy committees!” He stamped across the polished floor and dumped himself cermoniously into his high backed chair, trying his best to unfurl his long cloak from underneath him in the most authoritative way possible. “Let’s get on with this thing! I have a crisis meeting with the editor of the Daily Express! It’s our turn to run a story about Princess Diana, but that selfish bastard won’t back down and tell everyone they’re going to freeze to death again instead!” An identical chair at the end of the row turned around slowly. The inhabitant had been silently studying the vista on the otherside of…
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