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The Labour PLP have realised politics is not simply about marketing – and that’s why it’s ugly

Source: The Labour PLP have realised politics is not simply about marketing – and that’s why it’s ugly

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Searching for a Rose Garden: challenging psychiatry, fostering mad studies 978 1 906254 79 7 Due 1st August 2016

Searching for a Rose Garden describes innovative, survivor-led and survivor-run grassroots alternatives that challenge mainstream psychiatric, medicalised and orthodox responses to mental distress. Edited by Jasna Russo and Angela Sweeney and with an international spread of contributors. 9781906254797

Source: Searching for a Rose Garden: challenging psychiatry, fostering mad studies 978 1 906254 79 7 Due 1st August 2016

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You Can Have Any Kind Of Treatment You want Providing It’s Our Kind – by Alec Grant PHD


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Mother & Child Are Linked At The Cellular Level

Fetal cells persist in mothers, healing them well into old age.

Source: Mother & Child Are Linked At The Cellular Level

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Care minister role downgraded in government reshuffle

The social care brief has been handed down to parliamentary under-secretary of state for community health and care, David Mowat

Source: Care minister role downgraded in government reshuffle

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Why Corbyn so terrifies the Guardian

Political developments in Britain appear more than a little confusing at the moment. The parliamentary Labour party is in open revolt against a leader rec

Source: Why Corbyn so terrifies the Guardian

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It is time to accept the fact that Brexit may never actually happen



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The nervous system speaks, TV as transformative process, and foam rollers for trauma release

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Musings from the process of the last few days with some links to more related information.

There is a small split left as the nervous system responds to promptings to be healed. There is the ego following those directions and there is life force. The ego is cooperating completely in every moment without any moments of more complete separation — it does still get tired and frustrated on occasion. Mostly though it’s just enjoying this amazing and awesome ride and the writing is on the wall. It’s clear that the ego IS the dysfunctional nervous system but it now understands that life force is helping it become whole and healthy so that it might understand itself as life force and so it’s totally on board to complete the job.



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The word “psychosis” is still met with fear and judgement


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Guide to the law on deprivation of liberty of children

Legal trainer Belinda Schwehr sets out what local authorities need to consider in relation to cases where a child may be deprived of liberty

Source: Guide to the law on deprivation of liberty of children

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