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PIP claim: Charity urges change to PIP assessment process

via PIP claim: Charity urges change to PIP assessment process

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Every Mind Matters: 12 Questions

Me, Myself and Disability

You may have seen this week that Public Health England has launched a new campaign entitled ‘Every Mind Matters’.  It is, as ever, backed by a number of celebrities and public figures and is a promoted trend on UK twitter.  But what does it actually mean in practice?  Well, it would seem to be little more than the same old tropes recycled, things that if you’ve been in the mental health game for any length of time you’ll recognise and likely roll your eyes at.  An emphasis on diet, sleep and healthy lifestyle is much in evidence.  That most bland of terms ‘stress’ is there in all of it’s glorious ambiguity, an acknowledgement that being a carer or in a difficult family situation can have an influence is there.  We’ve heard all of these things before.  They’ve been the mantras we’ve told ourselves for the last decade.  Things get better…

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Family Dysfunction: 3+Ways To Overcome Family Narcissism

Would you consider yourself to have a healthy family? Would you say that your family is a loving family that makes you feel secure and valued? If so, that’s wonderful! But sadly, for most people, family is another burden they have to learn to cope…

Source: Family Dysfunction: 3+Ways To Overcome Family Narcissism

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A Day in the Life of an Emotionally Neglected Child

The Emotionally Neglected Child Connor, Age 6 It is 7:00 in the morning and 6-year-old Connor is getting ready for his very first day of first grade after a long, fun summer. As he struggles to pull his socks on, his little head and body are swirling…

Source: A Day in the Life of an Emotionally Neglected Child

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Online dating is behind an increase in rapes


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Londoner in bid to remove stigma around mental health with men’s clothing range


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More than 120,000 NHS patients kept on “hidden waiting lists” for mental health appointments


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Constant muscle tightness in complex trauma survivors ‘armoring’ ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am currently reading Pete Walkers book on complex trauma and he describes constant muscle tightness, which I have suffered all my life, as ‘armoring’. I have not heard it described this way by anyone else and it makes perfect sense.

My massage therapist once described my body as being continually ‘braced for something’, which she was correct in describing, and is a symptom of my hypervigilant state, that always assumes subconsciously, that I need to be prepared for trauma. In the case of my body, I always have my ‘armor on’.

It is no doubt why I have always required alcohol to actually relax.

I know my muscles are continually tense and this ongoing wear and tear, causes considerable pain, that worsens in cold weather. It is what I consider to be complex trauma induced fibromyalgia. I think many fibro sufferers who have had prolonged child abuse or prolonged…

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Psychiatric horrors

Dave's Deliberations

This isn’t the kind of book I commonly pick up, but I’m glad I read this one. It’s the autobiographical account of an ordinary Yorkshire teenage girl who, in her struggle with shyness, angst, a dysfunctional family and issues of faith in the 1970s, was admitted to a tdtpsychiatric institution—temporarily, ‘for a rest and observation’. Instead, she remained there for years, partly as a resident and partly as an out-patient. The book is:

The Dark Threads: A Psychiatric Survivor’s Story by Jean Davison (Accent Press, 2012)

She writes well, so that what could have been a dry account of factual happenings becomes, instead, alive with passion, colour and intensity. In fact, it’s a gripping read. It draws you in, just as the system drew the author in. She suffered the horrors of electric shock treatment and a fearful regime of drugs and misunderstanding, all of which served to aggravate her…

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When poverty means living without soap — Govt Newspeak

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