Far be it from me –

And the beat goes on

on September 13, 2017

Spending ten days in hospital wasn´t easy for me and now  I have been discharged I´ve had two GP appointments in three days.    The arrhythmia  following my electrical injury on 31 July,  is not as easy to shake off as I thought.  On Monday my pulse was still too rapid.   Today my BP was normal.

Before I went into hospital I took only vitamins, minerals and  omega oils;   now I must take  a beta blocker and  an anti coagulant each morning and another anti coagulant at night.    It feels strange to be artificially slowed in my movements and thought processes    At best my heart rhythm will settle of its own accord.    At worst I’ll   need an invasive procedure to settle it.      I´m booked in for another ECG in October.

My next GP appointment is on 19th September – to be continued.









2 responses to “And the beat goes on


    Judith, I am so sorry for that electrical charge causing so much trouble after the original problem. I’ve had 5 hospital trips during 2016-17. and like you more medicine added to my list. Lousy having to rely on medication and the side effects, Hope things get better for you very soon


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