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Plain Jane 130315: Meet the Candidates

Jane Wenham-Jones

Plain Jane 130315

A friend of mine once sat next to Nigel Farage on a plane. “He was very charismatic,” she said, clearly charmed even though her politics couldn’t be more opposed.

Charismatic and charming are words I’ve heard more than once. “Don’t be snowed by the glamour,” says another chum, darkly, when I tell her I am off to interview the Ukip leader. We meet in a small upstairs room at the community centre in St Luke’s Avenue, Ramsgate, where one of his invitation-only meetings is being held. My last Gazette column, less than flattering about the TV documentary Meet The Ukippers, has been mentioned by three different kippers by the time he arrives. Nigel comes into the room straight-faced. But when I hold out my hand and tell him, truthfully, how pleased I am to meet him, he is wreathed in smiles. I have inadvertently worn tights in a Ukip shade…

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Cameron might want to work on his wave before the election

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Nigel Farage accused of basing Ukip policy on the views of a cabbie

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Hearing Voices Research and Development Fund receives $250,000 in funding

Hearing Voices Research and Development Fund receives $250,000 in funding.

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Broken by my dream job, broken by my dreams….


This morning I had to literally claw my way out of bed. I just did not want to face the world after the terrible and random dreams I had. Thankfully I had a reason to get out of bed because I needed to go and buy some sundries for the decorating I’m currently undertaking.

I had one of my repeated dreams but with a twist. I was in a house that keeps appearing in my dreams for some reason but with different occupants. It contained the normal rooms downstairs then on the first level was an en – suite room with 2 beds in it and a double bedroom. Then there was a huge room on the next floor that had a sitting room, kitchenette and an en – suite bedroom. In all my dreams I wanted this room but it was always out of bounds due to the rotting…

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Labour candidate tweets Tony Blair for campaign donation | Thanet Gazette

Labour candidate tweets Tony Blair for campaign donation | Thanet Gazette.

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Victim’s family: Cameron cabinet “disgusting” for hiding secret VIP child abuse files

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

The family of a missing 15-year old boy have branded David Cameron’s cabinet office “disgusting” for refusing to reveal even the titles of 4 files related to VIP child abuse:

Family Demands Names Of New Child Abuse Files

In a strong statement, the brother of Martin Allen – who was 15 years old when he vanished in London nearly 35 years ago – said:

“It makes me very angry, because these people have got a hold over us.

It is our information, these people are our employees taking our money which is more than ‘Mr Average’ earns probably in the course of a month. It is disgusting.

It is our lives they are playing with. I hope they can sleep at night.”

What on earth, do you think, Cameron has to hide?


Related articles by Tom Pride:

‘Paedophilia at Buckingham Palace’ – one of…

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From Michael Skinner – The Surviving Spirit Newsletter March 2015

2015-03-The_Surviving_Spirit_Newsletter_March_2015 (1)

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Immigration report: Thanet figures | Thanet Gazette

Immigration report: Thanet figures | Thanet Gazette.

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Glutinous Bipolar – Gluten and Bipolar Symptoms

Rethinking Bipolar

Glutinous Bipolar – Gluten and Bipolar Symptoms

It is 16 years since I was last detained on a psychiatric ward, 15 years since I learned how to self-manage and stay away from psychiatrists. It is now more than 4 years since I last took any psychiatric drug.

Today, it feels like I am ‘back to square one’ with words from a 1960’s song in my head.

Lock me away and don’t allow the day, here inside, where I hide with my loneliness…

Everything was going well, so why am I feeling this way?

It was cold and dark with a bitter wind. I was walking back to the train station when I got some bad news on my phone just as a welcoming fish ‘n’ chip shop came into view. I had promised a friend I would not eat chips. I went in and bought a sausage instead.

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