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Everything Matters

healing Someone in one of my healing groups asked me the below question. I’ve been rapidly getting healthier and people are noticing.

Monica what do you think has been helping you the most to get better?

I didn’t really know how to answer and made this response:

gosh…it’s like a snowball effect so I don’t know…my whole life is about living well…it’s EVERYTHING. I trust my gut…and it’s like I’m given guidance now…and I have FAITH. it’s just all coming together…Not sure how to answer…I might be able to answer better if you have a more specific question

Later I figured I’d answer by putting this post together for both her and my readers here on Beyond Meds. The bottom line is that everything I do is important. Yup, again, Everything matters It’s impossible for me to determine exactly what is doing what! It all works together synergistically. It’s all…

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Sugar, Fat, Food and Addiction : New Approaches to the Public Health Crisis

Robert Lustig

Sugar, Fat, Food and Addiction: New Approaches to the Public Health Crisis

10th July 2014 – Royal College of Surgeons, London

We are delighted to be hosting another visit to the UK by

Prof Robert Lustig MD

of the University of California, a specialist in endocrinology and pediatric obesity

and giving you another chance to hear him explain the evidence behind his view that sugar – not dietary fat – is the primary driver of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other serious health problems, including mental health disorders. 

for more details please contact fiona@fabresearch.org



BREAKING NEWS: Exeter counselling “cult” struck off by British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

BREAKING NEWS: Exeter counselling "cult" struck off by British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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Facing down rape: Women stand up to say they are not ashamed

recovery network: Toronto

First in a series of posts about the value, importance and  power of owning and  telling our story – and being heard.

Science may think it has all the clever tricks to understand the universe and what we are to make of it but the simple human practices of telling stories and hearing each other as we share ours can offer much more – the ability to connect the dots, recognize complexity and interconnectedness,   and make sense of our experiences – and can play an important role in helping us heal and grow.  

Maybe, one day, scientists will get smart enough to catch up with the rest of us.

This story is about women who are telling their stories of having being raped and standing up to say they are not ashamed. Indeed they have no reason to be ashamed – nor does anyone who has had that experience…

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#Antidepressants: Papering over the cracks of a fractured society or a fractured #mentalhealth service?

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Is Britain hooked on happy pills?


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First Do No Harm

The Psychiatry SHO*

Sometimes people tell me that treatments like antipsychotic medication and ECT are unethical because they can have side effects. The Hippocratic adage “First Do No Harm” gets quoted as proof that no treatment that could harm someone should ever be prescribed.

And that would be fine, except that’s not what the old saying really means. Doctors would be in a tricky spot if it were. Every single treatment ever given to a patient has held the potential to cause harm – chemotherapy is a horrendous assault on a person; any operation could be terminal. Even taking a blood sample can cause bruising.

In reality, “First Do No Harm” (or “Primum Non Nocere”) is more complicated, and in fact, Hippocrates never even said it. The earliest known attribution is to medieval doctor Thomas Sydenham (1624-89) in an 1860 book by Thomas Inman.

In modern times we associate the famous saying with…

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Five myths – and the facts – about schizophrenia


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Child bullying victims still suffering at 50 – study


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Unexpected knowledge – Things I’ve learned since being sectioned

Unexpected knowledge – Things I’ve learned since being sectioned.

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