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Eat And Be Merry!

My journey, from wine lover to sober and happy...

There’s plenty of evidence which suggests that what we eat has a significant impact on our mental health, so if you’re seeking ways to improve your state of mind as part of the battle against the booze, you could start by taking a look inside your fridge and kitchen cupboards.

The vast quantity of studies which have already been conducted in this area indicate that food is highly influential in the development, management and prevention of a wide range of mental health issues, from depression to Alzheimer’s disease. The evidence is building all the time, and suggests that by making changes to what we eat we can really help ourselves stay on track mentally.


Over the next week and as part of our Four Weeks of Well Being, we will be posting lots of articles about ‘Mood Food’ on Soberistas (Facebook, Twitter and WordPress) which will provide you with plenty…

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On Paul Jenkins: Why I’m A Fan Of The Ordinary Man #MentalHealth – @PaulJRethink

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The Observer: Barbara Taylor – waking up in a mental hospital isn’t something you plan for

The Observer: Barbara Taylor – waking up in a mental hospital isn’t something you plan for

Barbara Taylor – waking up in a mental hospital isn’t something you plan for 

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Beyond The Therapeutic State


Mental health costs are soaring, drug prescriptions skyrocketing, and
diagnostic categories continue to convince us that we are mentally ill. It is time
to move beyond the therapeutic state!
Most existing alternatives focus on the individual. In contrast, this conference
will feature inspiring innovations in collaborative practice. Such practices bring
together diverse conceptions of reality, values, and hopes for the future. From
the inter-change emerge new forms of life, viable for all.
This conference will feature collaborative practices relevant to therapy and
beyond. Discussions will be enriched by practitioners and scholars from many
sectors of society. Join the dialogue as we explore new possibilities.
In the end, it is toward a relationally oriented society we must move. And it is
toward active participation in changing both practices and policies that the
conference is dedicated.
Conference collaborators:
 The Taos Institute
 Taos Institute Europe
 Buskerud and Vestfold University College – Centre of Mental Health and Substance
Abuse (Norway)
 Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute (Finland)
 Familjevårdsstiftelsen (Family Care Foundation) (Sweden)
 The Family Institute (UK)
For more information and to register: http://www.BeyondtheTherapeuticState.org
Beyond the Therapeutic State
Collaborative Practices for
Individual and Social Change
June 26-28, 2014
Drammen, Norway
The Program Keynote presenters include:
A Relational Recovery from the “Rage to Order” with Kenneth J. Gergen
Rethinking Psychiatric Care: Alternative Programs That Are
Models for Reform with Robert Whitaker
The Hearing Voices Network: An Example of a Postpsychiatric Future?
with Olga Runciman
The McDonaldisation of Children’s Mental Health in the
Era of Globalization with Sami Timimi
The Extended Therapy Room with Carina Håkansson and
With dialogic responses by: Harlene Anderson, Eugene Epstein, Billy Hardy, Sheila
McNamee, Ottar Ness, John Pihlaja, Leticia Rodriguez, and John Shotter.
Workshop Presenters Include:
 Pietro Barbetta – Italy
 Bob Cottor – US
 Margit Epstein – Germany
 Eugene Epstein, Lothar Duda, Manfred
Wiesner – Germany
 Glenda Fredman – UK
 Billy Hardy, Mary Morris, Kieran Vivien-
Byrne, Jeff Faris – Wales
 Ingebjorg Maeland – Norway
 Daniel Mackler – US
 Cornelia Oestereich – Germany
 John Pihlaja – Finland
 Kiryiaki Polychrony – Greece
 Celia Quintas – Brazil/US
 Susie Riva – Switzerland
 Leticia Rodriguez – Paraguay
 Tom Strong, Monica Sesma, Karen Ross,
Tanya Mudry, Emily Doyle, Barbara
Pickering – Canada
 Rolf Sundet – Norway
 Karl Tomm, Sally St. George, Dan Wulff –
 Anne-Hedvig Vedeler – Norway
 Jim Wilson – UK
And many others.
Sponsoring organizations:
 AFTA – American Family Therapy Academy
 The Athenian Institute of Anthropos, Greece
 BDF 6.0 Bateson, Deleuze, Foucault
“seminario permanente a cura di Pietro Barbetta”
 Brief Dialogical Therapy Institute, Nicosia
 Centro Isadora Duncan: cooperativa social e via
 Centro Milanese de Terapia della Famiglia ‐ Italy
 Clanwilliam Institute – Ireland
 Cyprus Society of Family Therapy
 Diakonhjemmet University College; Master program
in family therapy and systemic practice
 Episteme – Centro di Psicoterapia Sistemica ‐ Italy
 Gjøvik University College – Norway
 GpG NRW ‐ Gesellschaft für psychische Gesundheit
in Nordhein‐Westfalen gemeinnützige GmbH
 Houston Galveston Institute ‐ USA
 Human Systems Journal – Europe
 Institute of Reflexive Practices, Lausanne
 MICS ‐ Marburg Institute for Collaborative Studies ‐
 Narrativ Group ‐ Czech Republic
 The Norwegian Church Foundation for Public Family
Therapy Centres – Norway
 The Norwegian Family Therapy Association –
 Open Dialogue ‐ UK
 Psychosozialer Trägerverein Solingen ‐ Germany
 ROBUST ‐ Norway
 Scuola sistemico‐dialogica di Bergamo – Italy
 Society for Descriptive Psychology ‐ USA
 SIA Systemisches Institut für Achtsamkeit –


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BBC News – Female Genital Mutilation – Hospitals to log victims


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‘I talked and I talked, and eventually they listened’ #TimetoTalk #MentalHealth is #MentalWealth

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Hearing Voices: An Emancipatory Approach


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What does it mean to be “mentally ill” in America???

What does it mean to be “mentally ill” in America???.

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Actually it’s a fact that taking #TimetoTalk about #schizophrenia works as well as meds!

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Guest Blog by Lisa Cherry – “Steering The Mothership: The Complexities of Mothering”

“Steering The Mothership: The Complexities of Mothering”

STM 3D“The central theme is how we all deal with the impact that our mothering has on us and how mothers deal with pregnancy, birth, bonding and attachment, when there may have been an absence of any such positive experiences from their own early years. Yet there are so many different stories here within that narrative that will touch readers’ lives. Themes such as domestic violence, teenage rebellion, disability, and illness are set out in uplifting tales of triumph over adversity, and raw tragedies of pain, abandonment and loss.  This gives incredible insight into the human condition without the detachment that can come from academic theory. Yet the book also avoids the risks of simplistic self help mantras and rather educates us through the real experiences of others, their pain and their recoveries.”
Malcolm Sinclair Managing Director, Mental Health Bristol

From a very early age, I understood that being a mother was complex. I lived in a house with my mother and her mother; a house that was filled with turmoil, emotional silence, unspoken truths and pain.  This triangle of three women housed guilt, shame and hurt and while I could not articulate it, I knew it was there.

As I unravelled my experiences of living in the triangle having been placed for adoption, alone for 5 weeks and then returned to my mother and grandmother, later living just with my mother and being thrown out of the flat we shared at the age of thirteen and then my own experiences of mothering, I felt compelled to explore this messy area. It is an area filled with taboo and societal pressure with prescriptive meaningless messages about what a mother is and what a mother isn’t.

Because of my own experiences personally and then my professional career in social work and education, I have never seen the process of mothering as the straight forward happy ever after experience that the magazines want to portray. To me, it’s a grey area, full of conflict and emotion and turbulence and an opportunity for on-going personal, emotional and spiritual growth. My own entrance into motherhood was propelled by a need to be the mother I had wanted for myself.

I had to come to terms with something important, something that I had felt angry about for many years, before I could write this book. Whatever happens between the child and the mother, the beginning of life comes from out of the womb.  In other words, the relationship that we have with the mother is one that can never be escaped whether that is full of abandonment, turmoil and/or love. Having spent years trying desperately to make sense of the relationship from the perspective of me as the child, I have only recently come to find a peace with it and a place that allows it to make sense. I’m relieved that my explorations for me as the mother of two children has been far simpler.

Steering The Mothership: The Complexities of Mothering gives us all an opportunity to explore mothering in a different way, through compassionate eyes giving a voice to the unspoken reality of a relationship that is far from straight forward. I hope in the pages of this book you find some of your own answers and some peace for yourself that enable you to make sense of your own narrative of your life.

Lisa Cherry 2014

Published on 30th March at £14.99


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