Far be it from me –

living with extreme states and difficult experiences – Jan 2014

on December 7, 2013

recovery network: Toronto

Living with...

Do you live with…?

  • voices?
  • visions?
  • dissociations?
  • “delusions”
  • difficult thoughts?
  • other altered, “extreme” “unusual” states and exriences?
  • all kinds of “crazy batshit stuff” others just don’t “get” or understand?

Are you looking for…

  • a safe place to explore different understandings, languages and explanations?
  • practical ways  you can take more control of your life and experiences?
  • a way to connect with people who have similar experiences?

This programme is  WRAP(R)  -Wellness Recovery Action Planning – but also creates space to explore different meanings and understandings and languages of extreme and difficult experiences, as well as bringing in some ideas from ore radical approaches like hearing Voices, Icarus and other communities.

The point is not to tell you want’s wrong with you or why but to give you a chance to start making sense of your experience, and learn how you can figure out how you can start making small steps toward…

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